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State Deputy's Message

February 2014

Dear Brothers of the New York State Council,

As we round second, and head to third, we do so with full speed knowing home plate is just around the corner. Join me as I share with you the activities of this great state of New York thus far.

We were thrilled to have had the opportunity to hold our December Mid Year Meeting at the Villa Roma in Callicoon, NY with much success. The food, service, ambiance, and activities were just spectacular. We look forward to heading back there for our Convention in April with you and your wives joining us! The fun is endless.

We had the opportunity to celebrate the great success of our C&B program at our Mid Year Meeting. I send special thanks to Pierenzo Calasso, our C&B Director and his phenomenal team for making this year spectacular. We look forward to much more success next year!

As we continue our first year for the Greater Glory of God, I share with you the success of our Annual Pro-Life Mass which was held last month at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. Despite the on-going construction, the Cathedral was beautiful and packed with Knights and Columbiettes in support of this great event. I am proud to have had the privilege to share the readings with our New York State Columbiette President Jeanne Mucci. We were blessed with the presence of our Chaplain Timothy Cardinal Dolan, and Associate Chaplains Bishop Gerald Walsh, and Father Brian McWeeney who con-celebrated the Mass. Thanks to so many of you, we proudly made donations to Catholic School Support and Feed the Hungry. Thank you to Walter Kedjierski for coordinating such a beautiful day.

As we approach the month of March, I ask that you keep in mind our Prayer Rally which will be held on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, 2014. Details will soon be provided by our Prayer Rally Chairman, Lou Pepe.

My lovely wife Claudia and I have had the honor and privilege of spending much time with our Worthy Membership and Program Consultant (MPC) Jose Jimenez and his wife Lisa. We are thrilled to have had them join us at many of our events held throughout this great state of New York and look forward to them continuing to do so. Jose is hopeful that all Councils will be hosting a church membership drive sometime during the month of March with great anticipation of growth. I know NY can make this a reality with the support of our great membership team under the leadership of our Membership Director Ed Willie. I look forward to hearing some big numbers! One new Council per Diocese, one star Council per District.

We have had the great enjoyment of many successful programs this year thanks to our Program Director Gary Leonardo and his great team. Thanks to you and your support, they have experienced historical success in both the Coats for Kids and Food or Families programs. We thank you!

Our Youth programs have been very successful this year under the Directorship of Joe Mueller and his great team. The Free Throw and Soccer Challenge have afforded our youth a great experience. With your help, our Special Olympics and Catholic School Support are thriving. I encourage you to continue to do this great work!

Under the great Directorship of Michael Stephany and his team, many of our Brother Knights are receiving extensive training on all levels. His sessions have been challenging, interacting, and entertaining. It is obvious that New York is learning and working smart! We thank you for your efforts and continue to look forward to much success.

I extend my sincerest thanks to our Worthy State Officers for always doing the great work of our Order putting New York first. It is a great comfort to know they are always there for me, and you, when called upon. My confidence is they are a great class of officers who are equally well trained and prepared to lead the NYS Council, at any position.

Of course, the great many things that are happening throughout this great state would not be possible if it were not for the fantastic staff Claudia and I have the privilege of working with. We cannot thank them enough for all they do with what seems like no effort at all. We are blessed. Special thanks to my wife Claudia for her special touches to make everything in my life and work shine and look easy.

So as we strive for that homerun, I look to the rest of our year with continued gratitude and appreciation for all that you do for the Greater Glory of God.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

State Deputy New York